Want to Take Your Videos
from Good to Great?

Our Pro Video Stingers Add that Finishing Touch, Read On........

Want Your video viewers to Take Action after watching? 
Read below to find out how to Make that Happen!

If you are doing any kind of video marketing, and NOT adding a "Call to Action" video stinger at the end, you are wasting your viewer traffic!

You need to FORGET EVERYTHING you were taught in the past about video marketing, and pay close attention to what we have for you today.

Whether you are a video marketing EXPERT, or a complete BEGINNER to video marketing, it will be worth your time......

Hey fellow marketer,

There have been a bunch of video marketing tools on the market lately.

You may have even bought a few of them.

There are also a ton of videos that you can purchase that are more of a "Done For You" type.

Whiteboard videos, cartoon videos, live image videos, all created to sell video marketing services to local business owners.

Why is that?


Video Marketing is HOT!!

There is a bunch of ways to make money with video marketing.

For example, there are offline marketers selling simple whiteboard videos for over $300-$500 a piece to local offline business owners.

You can also use video for online marketing, creating sales pages, squeeze page funnels, and even selling t-shirts online.

But what’s the whole point of using online video?

You Need Your Viewers to Take Action!

Local Business owners expect the phone to ring, more likes to their Facebook Fanpage, find them on Google Plus, connect on Twitter, etc. or, when you use a video on a squeeze page, or to promote a product, you need your viewer to take some action right? 

You get the idea!

I mean, it only makes sense for them to have those high expectations.


Local business owners are ready to write big checks to offline marketers like ourselves for awesome videos that represent their business, their brand.


What they REALLY want are results......

Results come from TAKING ACTION!

But how do you do it?

How do we get the viewer to take action after watching the video?

By adding a Pro Video Stinger to the End of the Video

So wouldn't it be great if you had some "Ready Made" Call to Action Video Clips to Add to Your Videos?

David Cisneros

Chrissy  Withers

First, let me introduce who we are.....

My name is David Cisneros and my partners name is Chrissy Withers.

Together we have made a fantastic duo providing video marketing to local business owners.

You see, when it comes to videos, Chrissy is an Expert!

Chrissy has provided scripts and videos to local businesses for the past three years.  

She has created hundreds of videos for offline consultants, private label right material, and so many other video projects.

So when it comes to videos and writing great scripts, she is the one you should definitely trust.

I asked Chrissy if she could put together a set of "Call to Action" video endings that I could use with all of my offline clients.

Something that is EASY to IMPLEMENT!

Well, she didnt just put together a set, she put together a whole video library.

You see.....

Most videos that are “ready made” don’t come with an CUSTOMIZED “Call to Action”

The most important part of your video is to tell the viewer what to do next.

But paying someone to customize your videos for you can cost you some BIG MONEY.

And that is why we created for you……

Pro Video Stingers

Pro Video Stingers provide you with a variety of “Call To Action” video stingers that you can use to add to ANY video.

This package includes 20 Pro Video Stingers that you can

Check Out This Demo Reel:

You Get All the Following Call to Actions

1. Grunge Sparkle (Thanks For Watching, Please Subscribe To Our Channel For More Great Videos)
2. Particle Collision (Connect With Us On Twitter)
3. Cartoon Town   (Visit Our Website For More Information)
4. Retro Badge (Connect With Us On Facebook)
5. Comic Splat (Thanks for Watching, Please Subscribe For More Great Videos)
6. Red Stars (Connect With Us On Google Plus)
7. John Casual Point  (Thanks For Watching, Click The Link Below to Visit Our Website)
8. Scalloped Badge (Connect With Us On Social Media)
9. Paint Roller  (Visit our Website For a Free Quote)
10. Ornamental Ribbon Light (Visit Our Website For More Information)
11. Auto Repairs & Towing  (Visit our Website or Call Us Today)
12. Spinning Arcs (Keep Updated With Our Free Newsletter)
13. Organic Leaves (Thanks For Watching, Visit Our Website For More Information)
14. Jemima Walk On (Thanks for Watching, We’d Love you To Subscribe To Our Channel)
15. Kinetic Laptop (Enter Your Name & Email For Our Free Report)
16. Sketchy Icons (Connect on SM)
17. John Present (To Find Out More, Download Our Free Report Today)
18. Jemima Business Pose (Thanks for Watching, Click The Link Below to Visit Our Website)
19. Ornamental Ribbon Dark (Visit Our Website To Find Our More)
20. Rocket Blast Off (Enter Your Name & Email To Get Started Today)

1) Each Video Comes in MP4

2) Edit using ScreenFlow

3) Edit using YouTube Free Editor

4) Edit using Camtasia

5) Edit using iMovie

Sell to Local Businesses:

  • Use these call to action videos to ADD to local businesses existing videos
  • Create new videos for local businesses and add these call to action stingers for easy branding and professional look.

Create Quick Videos as Lead Gen Tools:

  • Add local business info on these video stingers using a quick and easy to use YouTube editor
  • Send an email link to your local clients showing your video and closing the deal

Offer Your Own Video Creation Service:

  • Offer your video marketing stingers on freelance sites, as an outsourcer, and make money. 

Here are some bonus items: 

3 Done For You Offline Videos - We have included 3 ready made videos in 3 HOT offline niches.  Add your stinger and start selling today!

Business Research Template - We have put together a template that you can use to research businesses for key services, features, and testimonials.  A valuable shortcut for writing scripts for your offline videos.

Our Video Stingers will Change How
You Do Video Marketing Forever!

We have removed ALL of the risk.  If you don't think that these video stingers will help your video marketing service, then we will be happy to refund you your money. 

We are only happy if YOU are happy.  So take a chance and hit that buy button, we guarantee you will love it.

When you pick up the Pro Video Stingers Package,
you'll get it for $27 $9

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our product, we appreciate you so much.

David Cisneros

Chrissy  Withers

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